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Marlon Wayans Developing A Comedy Series For ABC

It’s possible Damon Wayans Jr. won’t be the only member of the Wayans family bringing funny to ABC. Word is, Marlon Wayans has a TV project in the works for the network that would put him both behind and in front of the camera.

Like some of the other Wayans brothers, Marlon Wayans has been making people laugh since the early ’90’s. The actor has appeared in In Living Color and The Wayans Bros, as well as White Chicks, Mo Money and The Scary Movie films. He may be headed back to the small screen as Deadline reports that he’s set to write, executive produce and star in a comedy pilot being developed for ABC. The comedy, which is described as a “single/multi-camera” comedy with an “odd couple/ buddy cop” feel, follows two brothers, both of whom are cops. When one of the brothers falls on hard times, he moves in with the other’s family. Wayans will play the married brother.

The Wayans brothers have often worked together in film and television, so it would be unsurprising if whoever is cast as the other brother turns out to be a Wayans. In fact, if things don’t turn out well for Happy Endings, that might actually leave Marlon’s nephew Damon Wayans Jr free for the part, if they were were looking to cast a man in his late twenties. Of course, that would have to mean ABC gave up on Happy Endings, which would certainly be bad news.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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