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In the world of reality TV, there is almost always an abundance of drama for everyone to deal with, but a lot of times, the most exciting and damning stuff happens when the cameras aren’t rolling at all. Such is the case with Jill Connors, star of Bravo’s Married to Medicine, who was arrested earlier this month and charged with domestic violence battery and cruelty to children. Not the best way to spend part of one’s summer.

Here’s how it all allegedly went down. On August 13, Jill was home with her husband Dr. John Connors, and at some point he saw her phone and realized that she’d been getting text messages from another man. He confronted her about it, and according to TMZ, he threatened her with divorce if she was cheating, and said he would take custody of their kids. This is apparently when she flipped out and hit him in the face with a spoon and then started punching him, soon tearing his shirt and scratching him. Then it got even crazier.

As he called 911, John said that she grabbed a kitchen knife and started cutting herself in the arms and chest, loudly screaming, “He’s cutting me!” (I can’t be the only one thinking about the scene in Fear when Mark Wahlberg is beating himself in the chest, because that scene, man.) When the police arrived, Jill didn’t dispute the fact that she is the one that started hitting her husband, but she did attempt to make it look like he’s the one that cut her. The cops didn’t believe her, though, so that was a total fail on her part. Hope they had Band-Aids in jail.

Perhaps the most disturbing part about this whole thing, which is where the cruelty to children charge came in, is that this entire confrontation happened while their kids were watching. It’s bad enough when children have to listen to their parents arguing verbally, but it’s an entirely different situation when witnessing a full-on meltdown from one’s mother, complete with weapons, blood and the threat of being taken away by the father. That definitely fits under “cruelty” to me.

Jill Connors, who started off as a Married to Medicine guest star in Season 2 before being bumped up to a recurring role for Season 3, was arrested and booked on August 14, though she was released on August 15. Her court appearance was this past Friday, and it will perhaps come as a shock to no one that she ended up filing for divorce on August 19. Here’s hoping the kids end up in the best place.

There are two episodes left in Season 3 of Married to Medicine, which airs on Bravo on Sunday nights.

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