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It’s pretty well known at this point that Netflix generally renews most of its originals, whether or not they get good critical reception. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the subscription streaming service announced today that Marseille will be returning for Season 2 on Netflix. The news comes despite the fact that Marseille has not been particularly well-liked—especially in its native France. 

Netflix announced the news first via social media in a tweet that declared “The fight is not over.”

Currently, there are few details regarding when Season 2 is likely to hit the schedule, but we’ll let you know as soon as the show comes together. 

Netflix’s shows tend to garner a lot of publicity before they premiere. A lot of times this is because Netflix has deals with Marvel or is remaking or spinning off a TV series, as was the case with Fuller House. Marseille was a little different, as it was the first show that Netflix signed on for that was shot in French and then dubbed over for US audiences to consume. In France, there was a lot of fanfare related to Netflix’s first French language original, but when it premiered, it was heavily panned in the country, both by critics and users on social media. Here in the States Marseille was made available for binging to little fanfare. 

Netflix notoriously does not release ratings for its originals, so it’s hard to tell if Marseille has been well-watched, despite the lower-than-expected reviews. While Netflix doesn't offer the same sort of event viewing that something like The Walking Dead does on Sunday nights, the nice thing about Netflix is that a show can be tossed on as background noise. I personally have binged a few Netflix originals I'm only modestly fond of, including The Ranch, simply because it was an easy thing to put on while doing other household chores. Thus, even if a show isn't prestige TV, it might still serve a purpose for the streaming service.

Plus, it's always easier to renew a show than to start a new series from scratch. Since Netflix is spending $6 billion this year to beef up the company's original programming, we doubt we'll be hearing about a ton of cancellations over the next 12 months. We'll let you know if it does happen, though. 

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