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No one ever gets sick of comic book characters on either the big or small screen. And by everyone, I mean me. I want everything from the awesome (Spiderman) to the pretty awful (Ghostrider). That’s why the news coming out of Marvel Entertainment today is good news for people who like their comic book adaptations often and aplenty. Heat Vision is reporting Marvel has set up a television division, Marvel Television, in an effort to get more characters out there to the masses.

They’ve tapped writer Jeph Loeb to head up the division. Loeb has a fantastic resume of television work within the comic book genre. He has co-executive producer and writing credits onHeroes through the good (the first season) and the not so great (pretty much everything after the first season). He’s also worked on Smallville and Lost.

In addition to his television credits, Loeb is also an Eisner Award –winning comic book writer having penned, among other works, “Batman: The Long Halloween” (a must read).

Lord knows Marvel has the material for more than a few productions, and Loeb is the kind of talent who could make some great things happen on the screen for the division. New productions will be both live-action and animated. Get ready to see more and more Marvel characters out there on the small screen.

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