Matthew Perry Will Return To The Good Wife In Season 4

Matthew Perry is returning to The Good Wife. The man’s sneaky, political character has popped up in some very important episodes in the past, and Perry it will be nice to see the man continue his comedic streak on NBC’s Go On and be able to get out a bit more dramatic (ish) flair on CBS’ lawyer drama.

Perry is set to reprise the role of Mike Kresteva in an upcoming episode. The last time we saw Perry—at least physically—on the show, he was causing some problems for Alicia Florrick when she joined a blue ribbon panel to take a look into a police shooting. However, Kresteva has decided to run for governor, and at the beginning of the season, he popped up in a commercial ad, showing his political angle. The Illinois governor race is in full swing, with Maura Tierney even taking a turn at bat, and with Peter Florrick’s alleged affair, things are about to get even more heated.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Kresteva had something to do with that latter plot, and I also wouldn’t be shocked if he has some more cheats and trickery in his back pocket when he returns to the show. The good news is that his return should mean Peter is going to have to deal with his bullshit, rather than Alicia, who should be more used to dealing with Kresteva’s games. According to TV Line, Perry’s episode will air sometime in 2013.

The Good Wife airs Sunday nights on CBS at 9 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
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