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CBS’ one-hour drama, The Good Wife, has had more than its fair share of guest stars over the past four seasons, but now the show is taking a cue from Parks and Recreation and has invited a real-life politician to the set. New York’s Mayor Bloomberg has signed on to appear in The Good Wife.

Though we have few details about what role Bloomberg will play, we do know he is set to play himself during the show’s Season 4 finale. According to THR, the April 28 episode will follow the last moments of Peter’s big race, Alicia’s big feelings for Will, and the possibility of Cary leaving the firm—all the stuff that each of the characters have been dealing with over the last few weeks seems as if it will come to a head. Luckily, if all the storylines don’t wrap up perfectly, at least we know Season 5 is on the way.

In the past, The Good Wife has signed on individuals to play themselves, before, including Bill Maher, Erica Hill, Lou Dobbs, and Vernon Jordan. However, the show more often signs on famous names to take on characters in court cases, including John Noble, Matthew Perry, and Martha Plimpton, and Mamie Gummer. I’m just hoping Bloomberg’s appearance won’t include a big drink reference.

You can catch new episodes of The Good Wife on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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