Megan Boone Joins Blue Bloods, Could Replace Jennifer Esposito Permanently

CBS has cast another temporary replacement for Jennifer Esposito’s character, set to be one of a series of partners for Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) while Esposito is out on medical leave. Megan Boone (Law & Order: LA) has been cast to take on the role, and the producers have apparently left things open for the actress to come on as a regular in the future. Esposito, who has already called CBS out for removing her from the show, responded with a pretty big accusation.

Deadline reports that Megan Boone has signed a deal to come on for three episodes with a series option that could be picked up if Esposito doesn’t return. She’ll be the second temporary partner for Wahlberg’s character, following Megan Ketch. The situation with Esposito exploded last week when the actress informed producers of the show that she needed to cut back her hours at work – doctor’s orders due to her celiac disease. CBS responded by pulling her character from the show and putting her on medical leave, stating that part-time work would not allow her to fulfill her role as a regular on the show.

CBS has gone ahead with casting temporary replacements for Esposito, while telling her the door is still open for her return. That door may be closing the further Esposito takes her complaint on Twitter. Esposito responded to the casting of Megan Boone by re-tweeting a message by a fan calling out CBS on racism. The fan accuses the show of wanting to have an all-white cast and getting rid of the one minority actress among the regulars. That’s a serious accusation, and while Esposito didn’t say it herself (contrary to Deadline’s report), the re-tweet can generally be taken as a position of agreement. It doesn’t look like this situation is going to be resolved any time soon.