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In the wake of the recent wave of tornadoes, which caused devastation en route through Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois and Iowa, CBS has decided not to air the planned season finale of Mike & Molly, due to the episode's reference to tornadoes. An unfortunately timed coincidence, no doubt, but one the network has apparently decided warrants a schedule change. The episode will air at some point in the future, though it doesn't look like a specific date has been scheduled just yet.

EW posted the statement issued by CBS regarding the last-minute change.
“Due to the tragic events this afternoon in Oklahoma, we are pre-empting tonight’s season finale of Mike & Molly, which has a related storyline. A repeat broadcast of ‘Mike & Molly’ will run in the time period. The season finale will be broadcast at an appropriate date.”

Apparently, the episode involves talk of a tornado hitting Chicago, though no actual devastation was to be revealed in the episode. Vague spoilers ahead - Titled "Windy City," the episode has Mike and Carl getting stuck working at the Renaissance Fair after their boss gets dumped by Mike's mother. Later on, as a tornado hits Chicago, Mike and Molly will each confess some important news to one another. So it does sound like the tornado factors into the story enough that it might be deemed insensitive in the wake of the recent tragedies. Considering dozens died during the recent tornadoes, it's not surprising that CBS would choose to reschedule the episode for a later date out of sensitivity for the victims and their families.

Tonight's episode would have wrapped up Mike & Molly's third season. The comedy, which stars Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy, has been confirmed to return for Season 4, but CBS has it shelved for midseason 2014.

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