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If there's one problem about keeping track of the TV business, it's that you sometimes get spoiled unexpectedly thanks seemingly innocuous sources like casting news. Even before an actor's departure has been officially announced, the cat can exit the bag thanks to reports that they're joining an entirely different series. We saw just that situation last week thanks to the announcement of a new gig for one of The Walking Dead's regulars, and now the same thing may have hit NBC's hit sitcom The Office. According to TV Line, Office regular Mindy Kaling will be starring in a new pilot for Fox.

Kaling will play a "Bridget Jones-type" OB/GYN in the half-hour Fox comedy. Well, I don't think we've seen that particular workplace comedy yet... In addition to playing the lead, she would also write and exec produce the untitled show. She's no stranger to the writing aspect, having penned two dozen or so episodes of The Office over the years.

Assuming the pilot goes to series, Kaling would have to leave The Office. This word comes on the heels of the rumors about Dwight Schrute getting his own spin-off as well. Could NBC be mulling an end date for The Office or will they try to keep it going even if they do lose two more cast members? For that matter, should they keep it going, or is it time for The Office to bow out while a graceful exit is still possible? Maybe they could just spin off each of the remaining characters. I don't know about you, but I'd watch a series about the shady exploits of Creed Bratton.

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