Most Haunted: Live at Gettysburg in October

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you have to admit that there are some places that would have ghosts if they do exist. There is an old prison where I grew up that is supposed to be haunted, and I can see how it would be. There were so many bad people executed there that there would have to be some kind of paranormal activity. But that prison pales in comparison to a location like Gettysburg. It is estimated that about 3000 men died in the Civil War battle that occurred there. Can you even imagine how many unsettled spirits could be roaming that battlefield?

It seems we are all about to find out, because according to a Press Release we got today, the Travel Channel is sending its team of ghost hunters to that very spot. “Travel Channel is gearing up for a historic and unprecedented live television event, MOST HAUNTED LIVE: GETTYSBURG, on Friday, October 10th from 8:00PM – 3:00AM (ET/PT). This seven-hour live, interactive broadcast from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania will mark the team’s most significant U.S. investigation to date. MOST HAUNTED LIVE presenter Yvette Fielding and the rest of the team will conduct an in depth paranormal investigation at five historic locations in Gettysburg.”

The team is heading out will all of its ghost-busting gear, including, but not limited to Proton Packs for everyone. I doubt that they are going to meet any ectoplasmic entities that are strong enough that they’ll have to “cross the streams” on their packs, but you never know, do you. But seriously, they are going to have night-vision goggles and cameras with thermal imaging, and all of that other expensive crap they like to carry around with them. I just hope they don’t get slimed.

The sweetest part of this whole deal is that the entire show will be interactive for the viewers. In addition to “watching the drama unfold live on television, viewers can go online to to participate in the investigation directly. During the live event, eight webcams will stream live action on the Travel Channel website. Text messages from viewers sharing personal messages, webcam sightings and other input regarding the investigation will scroll across the bottom of the screen, and psychic art, predictions of what will unfold in the investigation, can be faxed in.

Sounds like fun will be had by all. But in all seriousness, these shows rarely have enough activity to make me think they are really finding something. An “orb” floating by, or a loud noise is not enough to convince me. I saw one show, though, that was in Ireland and after watching it, I was freaking out. The two guys were walking along in the dark, and you could only see them because of the thermal imaging camera. Off in the distance, you could see a tiny little figure shadowing the. It would walk when they walked, and stop when they stopped. I swear it looked like a little gnome or something. It was freaky! But, the problem is, you can’t believe anything you see on TV. It’s way too easy to doctor things, and make things appear however the producers want them to appear. But, it should be fun, so tune in!