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Recent years have seen streaming TV shows keeping up with traditional network programming, and Amazon Prime found a real winner with original series Mozart in the Jungle. The first two seasons were hits with critics and viewers alike, and the series has been one of the best ways to take advantage of an Amazon Prime membership. Luckily for those of us who have already watched the first two seasons, Amazon has now announced that Mozart in the Jungle has been renewed for a third season.

Season 3 of Mozart in the Jungle will see spirited conductor Rodrigo take his baton and his company of musicians to play for crowds in Europe. The change of scenery,combined with familiar faces and lovely music, should make Season 3 well worth watching.

The renewal news is wonderful for fans, but not altogether surprising. Mozart in the Jungle recently took home a pair of Golden Globe awards with star Gael Garcia Bernal winning for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical and the show itself winning for Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy. The wins themselves were slight shockers, but the attention garnered by the triumphs made the dreams of future seasons feel all the more likely to come true. Considering that all of the episodes of Season 2 were released on Amazon Prime as recent as the end of December 2015, this early February renewal news should be awfully reassuring for everybody who binged through the episodes currently available.

Mozart in the Jungle has been something of an an unexpected hit. A show about players in an orchestra, inspired by a book written by an oboist, is not exactly one guaranteed for success. As it happens, however, the unlikely premise has proven to be exactly what plenty of viewers and critics were looking for in a series. Unlike anything else streaming or airing nowadays, Mozart in the Jungle definitely deserved its third season order.

There’s no word just yet of when Season 3 will hit the web, but knowing that the entire third series will almost certainly be released all at once in the grand tradition of both Amazon and Netflix original streaming series does make the wait somewhat easier. We may not get to see anything new from Rodrigo and Co. for a while, but at least the hiatus will be over all at once for those of us who prefer a good bingewatch to waiting a week between episodes. Production is set to begin later this year.

In the meantime, the first two seasons of Mozart in the Jungle are available for rewatch on Amazon Prime, along with a full library of other original shows, favorite movies, and beloved series. Amazon original Transparent took the same Golden Globe categories in 2015 as Mozart in the Jungle took in 2016, so that's a great place to start.