NBC To Cancel Crossing Jordan And Black Donnellys

Starting next week we’ll be getting tons of info from the networks on what new children will be added to the family, and which ones are going to have a happy home for another season. Because it’s Friday and I don’t want to bring anyone down, let’s just pretend that the rest of the story about some cancelled NBC shows is positive for everyone. If you’re a fan of ‘Crossing Jordan’ or ‘The Black Donnelly’s’ look at this as an opportunity for your favorite writers and actors to expand their repertoire.

We reported earlier that ‘Friday Night Lights’ has nearly made the cut for a sophomore year. Unfortunately the Aaron Sorkin dramedy ‘Studio 60’ has not held up in the ratings department. According to the New York Times, after a questionable hiatus the series will be cancelled by NBC. Rumors of the shows faulty footing crossed our desks way back when, but there was always the chance NBC could make room for the series. With so many new dramas joining the NBC lineup, and no comedies as of right now, it looks like ‘Studio’ wasn’t a strong enough contender. Also joining the cut list is ‘The Black Donnelly’s.’ As a semi-interesting series about an Irish mob family that was a messy and watered down version of the same story told better in film, it’s no surprise the show isn’t being picked up. Finally in the drama department, ‘Crossing Jordan’ is bowing out after this year.

It’s also time for us to say goodbye to Dr. Dorian and his wacky daydreams. ‘Scrubs,’ which has always teetered on the edge of cancellation, is finally calling it a day. Honestly, it really is time. Braff isn’t completely on board with coming back, and even if he were the show has run it’s course. What was once the funniest half-hour on network television is now a shadow of it’s former self. ’30 Rock’ and ‘The Office,’ which have both been picked up by the peacock, have outshined the medical comedy in every way this season.

That’s it for right now folks. Tune in next week as we bring you the fullest coverage of the network Upfronts TV Blend has ever done. Enjoy your weekend, and sorry for your loss ‘Studio 60’ fans.


Other outlets are reporting that 'Scrubs' is not yet on the chopping block. Unfortunately there is no official word from NBC until the Upfronts, so until we have definite confirmation either way 'Scrubs' is being moved to the "unclear future" column here at TV Blend.

Here's a non in-depth look at the situation as it stands now. ABC Studios, which puts together the show, has given a green light for 18 more episodes. However, with the high cost and low yield of the program, NBC has unofficially picked it up with a question mark still hovering over the show. The Hollywood Reporter is stating that ABC is once again looking at taking on the medical comedy if NBC steps away. In all honesty I'm not sure NBC will pick the show back up, but for now we know nothing other than a partial season has been approved to go ahead. We'll have definitive answers next week either way.

Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.