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Well, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ might not want Isaiah Washington around anymore but NBC certainly does. It appears that despite the media circus and resulting negative press that surrounded Washington this year after he made an anti-gay slur about one of his costars, he didn’t spend much time being unemployed.

NBC Universal Co-Chairman Ben Silverman announced today that the network has hired Isaiah Washington to join the cast of their new series, ‘Bionic Woman.’ Washington, who played heart surgeon Preston Burke on the hit ABC series ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ has been signed on to do five of the first six episodes of ‘Bionic Woman’ with the possibility of more.

Despite having made an anti-gay remark on the set of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and then at the Golden Globes, proving his ineptness at speaking to the media without coming off as a pompous jerk, Washington is actually a pretty outstanding actor. He will probably prove to be a valuable addition to this new series. Leaving ABC behind and heading over to a network could be the perfect opportunity for the actor to turn over a new leaf.