One of the great things about The Newsroom in its first season was the way it used real-life news stories in its plot - which centers on the inner workings of a cable news station - and still managed to maintain some level of suspense, in spite of the fact that we often knew where the featured news story was headed before the characters did. In some cases, that pre-knowledge even worked in the show's favor, because it allowed us to remain focused on the characters rather than the developing story they're working on. The latest video promoting the upcoming second season of Aaron Sorkin's HBO drama gives us some clues as to which past news stories the show's characters will be tackling, and what dramatic engagements they'll be involved in at work.

According to the set video above, which gives us a look behind the scenes of Season 2, Jim (John Gallagher, Jr) will get involved with covering the Romney campaign, while Neil (Dev Patel) will cover the Occupy movement. And Charlie (Sam Waterston) will find himself "seduced" by a story. On the personal side, it sounds like Will (Jeff Daniels) and Mac (Emily Mortimer) will be dealing with their complicated relationship, which has some history and some unresolved conflict. And speaking of conflict, poor Maggie (Alison Pill)! She's going to lose everything, "episode by episode." What has she done to deserve that? I don't know, but as a fan of hers, I'm both concerned and excited to see how that plays out.

There's also mention of the characters being deposed for a wrongful termination suit. Back in January, we learned that Mad Men's Rosemarie DeWitt was cast in the recurring role of Rebecca Halliday, a litigator who defends the network in such a suit.

The Newsroom returns for Season 2 on July 14 on HBO. Watch the previously released teaser here.

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