The Newsroom Trailer: Jeff Daniels Gets Angry And Honest In Aaron Sorkin's HBO Drama

Aaron Sorkin’s name alone was reason enough to look forward to HBO’s upcoming new drama The Newsroom, but this trailer isn’t banking on that entirely. Sure, it’s mentioned, but Jeff Daniels commands our attention almost from the start, as we’re introduced to his character Will McAvoy, a news anchor who’s about to tell people what he really thinks.

Sorkin demonstrated his ability to write great monologues and dialogue relatively recently with The Social Network, and he’s also the man behind The West Wing. Next up for the writer is The Newsroom, an HBO drama that looks behind the scenes of a cable news network. The trailer below not only sells the drama, but also Jeff Daniels’ character Will, a man who has apparently maintained his popularity by holding in some of his most honest opinions. But that’s about to change.

As a fan of The Social Network, I love the use of Facebook (or a Facebook-like social networking sites) to show how the panel video goes viral. While about half the trailer focuses on Will’s burst of honesty, the rest gives us a look at life at the news network, which for Will, apparently includes angrily chucking a cell phone. We also get a look at the supporting cast, which includes Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston, and Allison Pill. If the show lives up to the trailer, this one could be another top-notch HBO drama, and one well worth waiting for.

The Newsroom premiers June 24 on HBO

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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