Nicholas Sparks has made a big name for himself as the author of such romantic tearjerkers as The Notebook and Dear John, and is now taking a leap into television with three separate drama projects in the works at three different networks. His books have already been box office gold at the movies, and it appears television could be another way to earn big bucks.

Sparks has written 16 New York Times bestselling novels, seven of which have already been adapted to the big screen. Now, THR is saying the man has projects in development at TNT, ABC Family, and Lifetime. The last two seem like great choices for Sparks’ particular brand of heartstring-pulling drama, but I have to say TNT is a bit of a surprise.

The TNT project is based on Sparks’ novel A Bend in the Road, and takes place in a coastal Georgia town. The project focuses on the local Sheriff who has recently been widowed, as well as his relationship with a second grade teacher. He’s working with John Doe co-creator Brandon Camp on that one. The description does nothing to answer my questions about how it will fit into TNT’s lineup.

The Falls, Sparks’ new project at ABC Family, is a modern re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It seems to be part of a trend aiming to bring The Bard to television lately. In fact, ABC already has a modern version of West Side Story in the works, which is based on the same Shakespeare play. Fox is tackling a modern Hamlet, and Johnny Depp’s production company has been working on another Shakespearean project, as well.

Finally, Sparks has a post-Civil War drama called Deliverance Creek at Lifetime. Of the three networks, Lifetime is the most suited, in my opinion, to Sparks’ style. The story is that of a woman dealing with the aftermath of the war and the lengths she must go to in order to keep her family alive and safe.

Sparks’ latest film adaptation, Safe Haven hits theaters February 8th, 2013. TV Blend will let you know what comes of these possible small screen projects.

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