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Nick Offerman Was Invited To A Fan's Wedding, Here's How He Responded

A couple of huge Parks and Recreation fans invited Nick Offerman, star of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, to their wedding in 2014. He responded back to the invitation, and you can check out the amusing response, below.

The post popped up on Imgur just a few days ago. As you can see, Offerman declined on the wedding invitation, but he did have some nice and funny things to say about the couple and their impending nuptials. The bride later took to reddit to explain her husband’s response when she handed him the reply from Offerman.

“The wedding was on Halloween, so sadly he & Megan missed it... But still, grabbed his autograph. I think my husband might have fan girl'd a bit hard when I handed him this.”

It’s too bad because Offerman has busted out his epic dance moves on occasion and we have always been thoroughly impressed by his ability to get his boogie on.


While Nick Offerman probably had some meat to cook or wood to carve the night of the wedding and declined, sometimes inviting a celebrity to a wedding or other formal event pays off. This happened a few years ago when Mila Kunis said yes to an invitation to attend a Marine Corps Ball. Justin Timberlake also ended up attending the ball with another lucky member of the Corps, Cpl. Kelsey De Santis. Taylor Swift’s another celebrity who has been known to take out her fans.

The moral of this story, sometimes simply being a fan and asking very politely does pay off. And even when it doesn’t, sometimes you get an epic piece of paper back from the celebrity that you can then share with the internet. Still a win.

If this post makes you feel as if you need a little more Nick Offerman—or Ron Swanson—in your life, Parks and Recreation will hit NBC’s schedule on Tuesday, January 13 at 8 p.m. ET. The full outline of when the episodes will air is also available. Additionally, you can catch Offerman being funny in his new Netflix special American Ham.

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