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Watch Nick Offerman Rip On Carrie Underwood During His Netflix Special

Nick Offerman’s a pretty funny dude, so funny that he’s branching out to Netflix, where he will star in his own comedy special, Nick Offerman: American Ham. This week the subscription streaming service released a clip from the special, during which Offerman pokes fun at the lyrics to Carrie Underwood’s hit song, “Jesus Take the Wheel.” Check out the clip, below.

In the video, Offerman takes a serious tone and begins telling the audience a story of a young woman with a baby who is driving to Cincinnati to visit her parents. The woman hits an icy part of the road and panics, throwing her hands up in the air. If this scenario sounds familiar, it’s straight from “Jesus Take The Wheel,” a song about a young woman who gets into an icy car accident and puts her life in Jesus’ hands. Except, Nick Offerman isn’t buying it.

Instead, he has one big piece of advice for the dumbass young lady, saying she can't do it on her own. Per Offerman:

“You better fucking do it on your own. Your child is in the vehicle. I have nothing bad to say about prayer. Maybe pray while turning into the skid. Definitely keep your hands on the fucking wheel!”

Offerman’s kind of made a career out of looking at situations that other people think are reasonable and calling bullshit. His character on NBC’s comedy Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson, is a libertarian with a weird perspective who loves simplicity and practicality over all else. He doesn’t trust the government. He doesn’t trust other people. Hell, he doesn’t trust anything that doesn’t overtly scream common sense, and there are few things that are less in line with common sense than taking your hands off the wheel during a car accident.

The “Take the Wheel” segment is not a Ron Swanson-esque bit, instead coming from Offerman’s comedy special Nick Offerman: American Ham. The stand-up special was taped in 2013 and initially premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Now, it is getting a much wider release thanks to Netflix. Fans can catch American Ham from the comfort of their own homes starting on Friday, December 12, 2014. The special will be available in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland.

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