Nurse Jackie's Merritt Wever To Guest Star On New Girl

Merritt Wever is probably best known these days for her role as nurse Zoey Barkow in Showtime's Nurse Jackie, however, for some reason, I always associate her with her brief but amusing role as the over-sharing pharmacy clerk Tracey Abernathy in M. Night Shyamalan's Signs. With her subtle style of humor, Wever leaves an impression, so it's great news to hear she's set to appear in an upcoming episode of New Girl. Spoilers ahead!

If you've been keeping up with New Girl, then you know that Jess' loft-mate Schmidt has been trying to come to grips with letting go of his former girlfriend Cece. Wever's appearance in the Fox comedy series will reportedly tie into that. TVLine reports that Wever is set to guest star as one of Schmidt's old flames. Schmidt apparently calls upon his college girlfriend for a bit of enlightenment in the wake of his broken heart and his attempts to get over Cece. Poor Schmidt. I wonder what wise words his ex-girlfriend will be able to offer him, and whether it actually helps him get over Cece, or inspires him to resume attempts to win her back.

In addition to Nurse Jackie and Signs, Wever's credits include two episodes of The Wire, three different roles in Law & Order, a part on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and more recently, an appearance in Lena Dunham's pre-Girls film Tiny Furniture. There's no specific mention on when we should expect to see her in New Girl, but it'll presumably happen at some point before the second season wraps up this spring.

Kelly West
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