1. Dwight and Angela
Likability: 4.6
Longevity: 4.8
Total Score Average: 4.73
Dwight: What about that meeting later to discuss finances?
Angela: Yes. But don't expect any cookie.
Dwight: But what if I'm hungry?
Angela: No cookie.

As you can see, the total scores were close, but in the end, Dwight and Angela took the prize cookie for the top Office romance. They even managed to score a 4.8 in longevity, which just goes to show - even with Dwight's current relationship with Esther - we're hopeful to the point of expectant that these two will end up together when all is said and done. Their relationship started in secret, as neither wanted the rest of the staff to know that the sales guy and the accounting woman were dating. It collapsed when Dwight mercy-killed Angela's cat, and they rekindled later when Angela got engaged to Andy. The relationship collapsed again after that, and almost started again when the two agreed to have a child together. Obviously, that fell through. As will-the-wont-they relationships go, these two are nearly at Ross and Rachel status, but the drama came second to the humor, which is what made them such a great couple in this comedy. Dwight and Angela may not be perfect for anyone else. He's an oddball beet farmer. She's a judgmental, uptight cat enthusiast. Together, somehow, they they're meant for each other. And they made us laugh a lot over the years.

Here's how some of the other couples rated:

Erin & Pete - 3.5
Kelly & Ryan - 3.47
Michael & Jan - 3.13
Andy & Erin - 2.6
Michael & Carol - 2.53
Oscar & The Senator - 2.5
Dwight & Isabel - 2.44
Angela & Andy - 2.4
Jim & Karen - 2.4
Erin & Gabe - 2.33
Angela & The Senator - 2

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