The One Guest Andy Cohen Wants To Interview On Watch What Happens Live

No matter how entertaining a host may be, late night talk shows can flop or fly depending on the kind of guests that appear. One show that has managed to secure a surprising number of celebrity guests considering its size is Watch What Happens Live on Bravo. Host Andy Cohen has chatted with everybody from Bravo reality regulars to big screen stars. Unfortunately, there’s one person in particular that Cohen has always wanted but hasn’t been able to get: Michelle Obama.

We’ve been going after the First Lady forever. I’m kind of giving up hope at this point. There are so many more. There’s more people who haven’t done the show, obviously, than have but it’s endless.

Considering that Michelle Obama’s tenure as First Lady is approaching its end, Andy Cohen really may need to give up his Captain Ahab-esque attempts to get her on the show. Maybe he’ll have better luck with the next presidential spouse. Depending on the winner, he may have to settle for a First Gentleman rather than a First Lady, but it would have to feel like a win after his fruitless efforts to book Mrs. Obama. Still, his interview with THR, in which he revealed his desire to host the First Lady, was upbeat enough that he doesn’t seem to be too troubled by her ongoing absence.

Michelle Obama

There’s definitely no denying that Andy Cohen has nabbed some majorly famous faces to appear on Watch What Happens Live. Some of his best episodes have featured big actors telling stories that they might not have revealed elsewhere. Ranging from Will Ferrell confessing that he hated spoofing Ted Turner on SNL to Ralph Fiennes sharing a list of the three favorite sex scenes throughout his career to Lil’ Kim having some choice words for Nicki Minaj, there’s never any telling what will happen on a given episode. Even less juicy appearances, such as Samuel L. Jackson having a theory about the latest Star Wars film, are unforgettable. Andy Cohen may not have gotten a White House whale in his Moby Dick quest, but he’s had plenty of guests worth watching.

Cohen has been on the air as host of Watch What Happens Live since 2009, and he’s now celebrating his 1000th episode. It’s an impressive feat, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Bravo may be known more for its Top Chef shows and Real Housewives franchise, but Watch What Happens Live is consistently quality programming that brings the laughs as well as the scoops on celebrity life. To catch Andy Cohen in his hosting gig, be sure to tune in to Bravo at 11 p.m. ET from Sunday through Thursday. You just probably won’t be seeing the First Lady anytime soon.

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