One Orange Is The New Black Star Injured Herself During A Sex Scene

The animals. The animals. Trapped, trapped, trapped until someone gets hurt filming a sex scene. Apparently things got a little too rowdy during the taping of one particular fictional act of love on the latest season of Orange is the New Black, as actress Taylor Schilling has shared a behind-the-scenes story that isn’t quite as sensual as most people’s sex stories. Or fake sex stories, as it were.

Schilling, who plays co-lead Piper Chapman, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers recently to talk about her new movie The Overnight, and they started talking about how weird it is to film sex scenes – while Meyers goes on about how weird it is to have sex in general – and the subject of Schilling hurting herself during filming came up. Here’s how she put it.

I hurt myself. I got very excited. I took my shirt off, and I scratched myself with my little nametag. There was a gash on my face. There was blood…We had to take like an hour-long pause.

I tell you what. You aren’t doing it right unless your reckless abandoned for theatrically getting it on gives a film crew a break for an hour while a mess is cleaned up. To be fair, Schilling says that it wasn’t that big of an injury, and that the skin was mostly raw and that there wasn’t a lot of blood. Which takes away from all the fun, really.

Not that I’d ever wish harm on the actress, but I do wish that one of those sex scenes would have been notable for her appearing normal in one shot and covered in blood in the next one. For a show that has sub-plots about selling dirty panties and pornographic alien stories, that wouldn’t have been SO weird.

As a rule of thumb for the future for all sexes, anytime you’re about to seduce a woman and she makes this face, it’s probably got less to do with what you’re doing and more to do with accidental injuries.


You can check out the entire interview clip below, which also contains Meyers talking about hurting his chin while riding in an inner tube. Perhaps we’ll see that plot device come up in Orange is the New Black Season 4 next year.

Orange is the New Black released all 13 episodes of Season 3 on June 11, a day earlier than Netflix’s usual Friday schedule. Have you watched them all yet?

Nick Venable
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