The Originals Episode 14 Preview: Klaus And Rebekah Are Tortured

Welcome to the world of The Originals, a series set in New Orleans that offers enough storylines going on at once to make any viewer’s head spin. It’s a good sort of spin, though, and this week fans were treated to a ton of curveballs as the war for The Big Easy heated up. Now, we have a look at the next big episode, and we know for a fact that “It’s a Long Way Back From Hell.”

As usual, Elijah looks determined, Rebekah looks like she’s in over her head and Marcel looks like he is much more comfortable in a beta role, taking orders from Elijah after Klaus has been kidnapped. That’s not the most interesting portion of the trailer, however. It looks like the witches are even more twisted than Papa Tunde made us believe a few weeks ago. They have Klaus and Rebekah locked up in an old warehouse filled with creatures from a nightmare: women in bathtubs with blood around their mouths, ghostly children occupying hallways, and zombie-ish old men creeping ever closer. It looks like something straight out of Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights, or maybe an episode of American Horror Story. If there’s one thing I can say about the cast and crew of The Originals, it’s that they are never boring. O.K., maybe Cami is boring, but someone has to be normal on a show that is chock full of supernatural creatures.

In other news, this week we found out that Hayley is basically like werewolf royalty. We also learned that she was apparently betrothed to another werewolf male as a young child, which might put a damper on her potential with Elijah. I’d say her feelings for the vampire trump her feelings for the werewolf, but there is a werewolf alliance hanging in the balance with the betrothal. Since that’s the B, or maybe even C plot from last week’s episode, we don’t get to see Hayley and her wolf pack in the trailer, but no doubt that will be brought up during “It’s a Long Way Back From Hell.”

Speaking of the title, I thought for sure that it alluded to Sophie, who was unjustly killed by her back-from-the-dead, brainwashed niece. While the witches make their presence known in the new preview, Sophie is nowhere to be seen, leaving me to wonder whether or not she truly is dead and gone on the show. If The Originals has to bring back a witch, I’d rather it be Davina, who has the power to really shake things up within the show’s universe.

The show is going on hiatus as the U.S. continues to compete for medals in Sochi. Don’t fret, though, it will return to the schedule on February 25 in its usual timeslot. The CW’s The Originals airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET. You can catch full episodes of the freshman drama over at the CW’s site.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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