My life is ten times more lonely without BBC America’s Orphan Black, which ended its second season on Saturday night, though I can’t tell if it’s just one massive chunk of loneliness or ten types of lonely with different personalities and hairstyles. One of our favorite new shows of 2013, Orphan Black deftly twines genres together like DNA strands, mixing a science fiction concept with a conspiracy thriller and imbuing it with dark comedy, suspense, action and every different kind of a romance you can think of. And holy Tilda Swinton, the shocking twists!

Anyone who thought that Orphan Black might suffer in Season 2 by bringing in more characters and clones was almost undeniably proven wrong by creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson, along with their talented team of writers. They dove deeper into the Dyad Institute and its various employees, and simultaneously upped the ante on the antagonistic religious sect. We learn more about Cosima’s illness, Alison’s marriage and Sarah’s gigantic clusterfuck of a family life, with the stellar Tatiana Maslany pulling off even more astounding transformations than the first time around. And during all that, Orphan Black gave its fans some truly delicious and ridiculous shocks, so we’ve gathered up five of the most memorable reveals. I really hope I don’t have to tell you that there are major spoilers from here on out.

Enjoy this lovely picture of Alison and that numbskull Donnie and head to the next page.


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