Outlander Trailer Gets An Alternate Ending With More Jamie And Claire

Following the premiere of Starz's new pirate drama Black Sails, the premium cable channel aired the trailer for Ronald D. Moore's Outlander series, which is expected to arrive sometime this summer. The ending of the trailer was changed slightly from the previously released video, giving us a couple new glimpses of Jamie and Claire together as the gallant Scottish warrior assures Claire that she has nothing to fear as long as he's with her.



Based on Diana Gabaldon's novels, the story centers on Claire Randall, a British WWII combat nurse who's on vacation with her husband in Scotland when she finds herself suddenly thrown back through time and left in the 18th century. She's eventually forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a young warrior and outlaw with whom she bonds with in what proves to be a very intense but complicated romance… when factoring in the part about her being the from the future and married to someone else.

Starz debuted the slightly modified trailer during the debut of Black Sails. For reference, here's the previously released trailer, which ends with Claire saying her name — using her maiden name, rather than her married one. (That's another part about this complicated story.)

In other Outlander-related news, Starz took to the series' official Twitter to diffuse rumors regarding the potential premiere date for the series, which began circulating but are apparently false — or at the very least, unconfirmed — as no official premiere date has been announced yet:

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So no premiere date yet, but we have heard that the series is set to resume filming in Scotland next month. Check out the recently released "Speak Outlander video here.

In addition to the debut of the altered trailer, tonight's premiere of Black Sails also served as a subtle reminder that Bear McCreary -- who composed the pirate drama's score -- is set to do the music for Outlander. This won't be McCreary's first Ronald D. Moore series. The composer really began to make a name for himself with small screen projects when he did the music for Battlestar Galactica. There was often a sort of world-music tone to the music of BSG, which offered an interesting contrast to the sci-fi backdrop. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that bagpipes will be involved in some of the music for Outlander, but with McCreary involved, there's no telling what kind of sounds he'll incorporated with that, so the music is really one more thing we have to look forward to with this series. In the meantime, McCreary's music can be heard on Da Vinci's Demons, Defiance, The Walking Dead, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Black Sails.

Here's McCreary's "All Along the Watch Tower" score for BSG:

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