New Parks and Recreation Clips Will Peas You With Veggie Puns

It’s Treat Yoself Thursday, America: and that means a new episode of Parks and Recreation is only a few hours away from gracing our television screens. The NBC comedy series may be saying goodbye to Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe next week (and we’ve got the pictures to prove it), but this go-around is all about hard nipples, chard bodies, and having a wee whine at work. There are so many puns in this episode one of them is most assuredly going to peas you. (Cue: rimshot.)

Considering all the losses poor Leslie Knope has suffered thus far this season, she totally needs a win. So it’s nice to see one of her successful city council projects — the Pawnee Farmers’ Market — up close and personal. Until it gets too personal, that is, with the introduction of its latest vendor, Chardbodies. Yes, a stand that cells nothing but the stalky, leafy green. Where you can not only get your Swiss and Rainbow Chard for a great price, but also an eyeful of dancing models in tiny outfits. It's a vegetative scandal in the making.

But that isn’t the only edible causing a ruckus: there’s also the Parks Department’s monthly Whine and Cheese Club — also known as Ron Swanson’s way of abiding by but simultaneously skirting the rules that require him to have monthly open hours to hear employee complaints and criticism. No surprise there, Donna and Tom are front and center in the ingesting-cheese-while-complaining department, while sipping on some of the finest wines in all of Pawnee. Whine while you wine? Not that we work in an office environment, but something tells us such an affair would be a brilliant and welcome way of making your employees love their job.

And final, of course, there are nipples. In fact, Chris Traeger talks about nipples so much in this clip, we screams “you’ve got to stop saying nipple!” almost simultaneously with Ann Perkins. Literally: this is the most in-depth discussion on nipples and nipple health we’ve ever seen on primetime.

An all-new Parks and Recreation airs tonight at 8:30PM on NBC.