"Second Chunce" marks the 100th episode of Parks & Rec and while it doesn’t have a whole lot of spectacle it is a great little episode of the show.

It’s Leslie’s last day as city Councilwoman and she is looking for any reason to try and not leave the position. When Councilman Dexhart commits another sex scandal Leslie wants to throw her hat back into the ring, but her friends wisely know the show doesn’t need to retread that territory again. Who knows how long the show is going to go on, every year we hear whispers of cancellation, but it is refreshing to see the show leave the door open for Leslie for the next 100 episodes as she decides not to do anything. The meta acknowledgment of the need for a change of pace was skillfully played among the group and I look forward to Leslie’s future endeavors.

Having Andy back, for good?, was also a comedic punch the series has needed this season. He was asleep most of the episode as he adjusted from the jet lag, but every time he was awake Chris Pratt was spouting gold. Pratt brings an energy and variety to the show that has sorely been missing in his absence and I don’t look forward to him departing again for Jurassic World.

Tom even got a lot of closure for the character as they have seemed to have found a way to squash his whiny entrepreneur desires. When focused on himself, Tom can be a little one note and borderline annoying, but his new position has opened the door for him to pitch his ideas to a bevy of new characters; an angle that always produces more laughs.

Anne and Chris are nearing their exit as the baby nears and they continue to be annoying, but not much else. Jean Ralphio and Dr. Saperstein steal all of their scenes with the couple for the most part and quite frankly I wish we had gotten more of those two. I’m not trying to be mean, and I loved Chris back in the day, but how many episodes do these two have left?

A solid, funny and touching end to 100 episodes of Parks & Rec, it feels like the show has turned a page and might try to do something a little different going forward. In fact, they could have ended the show right here and it would be a solid finale. Still, can’t wait to see what’s next for Leslie and the gang going forward.

Random Ramblings:
-"Get me a beer?"
-"That's my spaghetti, Chewbacca."
-So happy to have Andy back.
-"I gave her a kind nod."
-"Counter offer, how bout you just do it for the story."
-"This thing could be a superhero."
-"No it's not you boring Grandpa."
-Poor Lenny.
-"Do you know anything from the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack?"
-They should have got Brian Williams to play Dexhart.
-Lee Harvey Teabag.
-I liked the automated word counter.
-Poor Larry. He almost solved the climate crisis.
-"But I could be wrong, I haven't pooped in three days."
-Poor Jerry.
-"Blow that nose, player."
-Jean. Ralphio. Too good to single out.
-Kathryn Hahn!
-Her 19-year-old Korean husband?
-"I ask all my patients."
-"And I just realized I am not holding my microphone."
-How sweet.

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