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Parks & Recreation Watch: Season 4 - The Treaty

Parks and Recreation steps it up from last week, with a great turn from Adam Scott, as they advance the Leslie/Ben relationship in a funny and affective way.

To no one’s' surprise Leslie was a model U.N. icon/hero and she and her flags are going to try to save the local high school's current club. Ben, also to no one’s' surprise, was possibly an even bigger model U.N. dork than Leslie and he, along with Andy and April, decide to pitch in as well. What starts as a dangerously cute encounter for the supposed to be separated couple, Ben and Leslie, quickly devolves into an epic war between Denmark and Peru (Leslie and Ben, respectively). From Andy's army of lions, April's Moon delegation, and Switzerland's inability to nut up, all provide laughs but it is Ben and Leslie’s demeanors that plow this story through. Ben’s excitement is just fantastic and adds a whole lot to his character and I totally buy these two ex lovers taking things so far in a model U.N. setting. I am glad the couple’s relationship continues to advance forward and I am surprised how quickly they are re-addressing their fragility. It works though, so I won't complain, and it's nice to see that the two will be able to seemingly exist as friends; for now. Though, the sooner Ben and Leslie get back together the better, as they are just perfect for one another.

The attempt to give Chris a lead story falls a bit flat as he builds a brain trust to try and figure out why Jerry's daughter won't return his calls. After four seemingly successful dates Chris is getting shutout and there isn't a whole lot of material the brain trust of Donna, Jerry, and Anne can give him. Anne and Chris's future romantic relationship continues to be made clear will never happen again and it is most curious why they keep beating this clearly dead horse. Jerry's uncomfortable nature makes the whole plot line practically worth it alone, but the show hasn’t been able to really break Chris out of his supporting role.

Lastly, Tom and Ron are trying to find Tom's replacement, though Ron is really just trying to get Tom back. After the failure of e7twenty Tom is stuck working at Macy's and Ron wants to help him get back on his feet. This plot, again, fell a little flat as Ron is more or less wasted for the third week in a row, but there are a couple bright spots to hold on to. The squirmy and creepy young applicant was a delightfully odd beat for the episode but this plot mostly served to get Tom back in the office. And poor Jerry got stuck with a small desk in the end; poor Jerry.

The A story was great and while there weren't a ton of laughs elsewhere the stories were able to move things forward for the show. Tom is back in the office sooner than I would have expected and Chris is becoming more and more human every episode this season. Leslie and Ben’s relationship continues to grow as one of the greatest strengths of the show and as long as they can keep give them great material like this they can keep them apart as long as they like; well not too long. The show continues to excel this season and has yet to really falter, let's hope it can keep the streak going next week.


-"Make geo political problem solving my bitch"

-"Oh wait, I super did." love how into it Ben is getting

-"How about Germany, they have never been the bad guys."

-"They're too strong for clippers." Ron even has tough toe nails

-"Presently hot daughter,” is he expecting her to get ugly?

-Ben is so excited to be at the model U.N.

-"Dangle the carrot, literally and metaphorically"

-Ben and Leslie’s little dance, they are just so cute together

-"Best part is you don't have to pay them"

-"So I swam to Asia"

-What could really bring Peru and Denmark to war?

-I love Jerry's anguish with having to be a part of all this.

-"Time for you to nut up Switzerland."

-"Do I stutter?"

-"Your decapitated head in front of your weeping mother."

-"Tommy Trees."

-"Oh really, then why do I have the microphone."

-Mic drop!

-Her shoe as a gavel, priceless

-"what are you going to do without tides, Peru?" Best line of the season?

-Ben takes sadness baths, poor Ben.

-Love how Leslie regresses to high school in the hallway. At least summer is going to rock.

-"I am sorry I added five years to your life."

-David Fundis, seems like a nice guy

-"Throw these scientist bottles off the roof"

-"How are we going to get Kathy Ireland to do naked aerobics"

-"Denmark Destroys All!"

-Poor Jerry

Till next time...