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The Philadelphia Flyers Dropped A Brutal And Hilarious Comeback On The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun

Spoilers for The Walking Dead are below.

Considering the Earth’s population has been mostly depleted in the world of The Walking Dead, there isn’t much talk of sports within the show. (Waiting on a scene where Carl tries to kick a football that Enid pulls away, though.) Off the air, actor and former Michigan resident Steven Yeun is fan of the Detroit Red Wings, and he hit up Twitter earlier today to show some support before their hockey game. But their opponents, the Philadelphia Flyers, didn’t take too kindly to that and shot back a most hilariously dark response.


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Kaboom! That was pretty fucking savage of the Flyers, or at least whoever is in charge of running the team’s social media. And also quite savvy. Of course, it probably means nothing to you if you haven’t kept up with The Walking Dead.

Sunday night’s finale finally introduced Negan, the comic book villain that fans have been rabidly waiting to see. And Negan has this little friend, you see, a baseball bat named Lucille that he has lovingly wrapped with barb wire. By the end of the episode, most of The Walking Dead’s main characters were all lined up, with one of them eventually getting clobbered over the head with that bat, but we don’t know who it was

And while we don’t want to put words in their mouths, we’re pretty sure which character the Philadelphia Flyers hope was at the end of that brutal attack. Such a cold way to go about slamming an opponent’s fan, and one that I kind of wish would happen more often. I’m going to look and see if Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage has talked about liking Playstation 4 on social media, and if Xbox One responded by saying they hope his siblings cut his head off. 

Of course, Steven Yeun knew it was all in good fun, and he was amused to find their little exchange taking the Internet by storm. (As well as amused that the Red Wings shut the Flyers out.)


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With or without Steven Yeun’s cranium fully intact, The Walking Dead will return to AMC this fall, when we’ll finally find out who died. Before that, the Philadelphia Flyers play again on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. And in the meantime, check out everything premiering on your TVs in the next few months with our summer TV schedule.

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