Elementary is gearing up for a successful second season over at CBS. The series is sticking to its guns and its 10 p.m. Thursday slot next season, but the popular crime drama is still going to shake things up a bit with its cast. In fact, Season 2 will add a famous name from the Sherlock Holmes canon, bringing Mycroft Holmes into some plots throughout Season 2. In Elementary’s world, Mycroft will be played by none other than Rhys Ifans.

For those unfamiliar with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, Mycroft is Sherlock’s brother, a man of many talents who generally works for the government in London. Similarly, in CBS’ series, Ifans’ Mycroft will be living in London when Holmes and Watson head overseas to look into a mystery from Sherlock’s past. We’ve known for a while that the Season 2 opener will be filmed in London, which should give Watson and the audience a broader window into Sherlock’s life. When we first meet Mycroft it will be during episode 2.1, when the older brother lets Sherlock stay in his home. However, the gesture may not be as full of goodwill as it seems.

According to THR, Mycroft and Sherlock will have had a falling out with one another and even though Mycroft allows his brother and Watson to stay in his home, apparently the two will still have plenty of old feelings to work through. While Ifans will first appear in the season opener, he is also set to recur in the series throughout Season 2.

Most of the roles I’ve seen Rhys Ifans play have pitted him as a scruffy, against-the-grain individual, the type of guys who likes to party or at least doesn’t play by the rules. I’m not claiming to be an Ifans expert, here, but I’ve seen the man play a football kicker who loves to drink, a crazy radio DJ, and a smarmy tenured college professor, among other roles. Somehow, it’s difficult for me to see the man as the stodgy and proper Mycroft Holmes.


Then again, Elementary hasn’t been shy about breaking the rules of the Sherlock universe. In Elementary’s world, Watson is a female named Joan who is played by Lucy Liu. If Robert Doherty’s series wants to turn Mycroft into a wiry dude who looks as if he’s had too many late nights out, that is absolutely the show’s prerogative.

Casting seems to be well underway for the crime drama, and we’ll keep you posted as more new names get added to the cast. Elementary will return to the schedule on Thursday, September 26 at 10 p.m. ET.

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