The Comeback returns this Sunday night and with it, the return of Valerie Cherish, Lisa Kudrow's hilarious, fame-seeking character. What's she been up to during the last decade? More importantly, what is she up to these days? We'll find out. In the meantime, for those who haven't watched the original series recently, we've comprised a list of things well worth remembering about the original series.

Spoiler alert: This list is meant to be a refresher for the first season. It obviously contains major spoilers about the original Comeback series! If you're still planning on getting around to watching it, we advise you skip the list and head on over to HBO Go where the full original series is available streaming.

Valerie Cherish sought a comeback.
Lisa Kudrow's character is a friendly but often extremely insecure and self-unaware woman, who hit it relatively big as the star of a successful sitcom called I'm It in the 90s.. When The Comeback picks up, her fame has fizzled, but reality TV is on the rise, offering Valerie an opportunity to return to the spotlight. With the reality show is the opportunity to star in a new sitcom, which would ideally contribute to her re-rise to fame. But the industry isn't exactly the same as it was a decade prior, and Valerie isn't entirely prepared for what's in store as a reality TV star or a sitcom star.

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