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Good Morning America host Robin Roberts didn’t have the greatest of luck in 2012, but she has big plans to turn things around in 2013. It’s now been 100 days since she underwent a transplant to help her to beat the bone marrow disease she has been fighting, myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), and now things are looking up in the New Year. However, it’s looking like it will still be quite a while before the host returns to her early morning hosting duties on ABC.

While sources close to the show still hold hope the prominent host will be able to return sometime in February, it’s looking more and more likely that Roberts won’t be able to come back to work until the spring mark that was originally estimated by doctors. TMZ is reporting that the GMA host is doing well, but is likely to be out of commission until May or potentially even June, as her immune system is still fairly weak.

Despite some not-so-good news for viewers, it’s clear things are looking up for Roberts. Initially, she had to be parted from her beloved dog, KJ, due to her compromised immune system, but at the 100-day mark on December 29, Roberts reported via Twitter that the dog been allowed back into her home. If she continues to take baby steps forward, she’ll be able to get back to work in no time. No doubt she has millions of viewers rooting for her in the interim.


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