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Those crazy Robot Chicken guys are at it again. First they took on Star Wars, and now they will take on DC Comics’ superheroes for a new special to air on the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network. How will Superman, Batman, and their friends handle the invasion of Robot Chicken? Will the Super Friends every be the same?

I’m trying to picture the two worlds colliding, but clearly don’t have the imagination of the good people over at Stoopid Buddy Studios, which produces Robot Chicken. Deadline reports that the special will air in the fall, and co-creator Seth Green is pretty excited about it. Green says he was “raised on DC Comics” and looks forward to bringing the Robot Chicken world into the “awesome world” of the Super Friends and the Legion of Doom.

On board to do voices for the special are (of course) Seth Green as Batman, Robin, and Aquaman, Paul Reubens voicing The Riddler, Neil Patrick Harris for Two-Face, Alfred Molina as Lex Luthor, Megan Fox voicing Lois Lane, Nathan Fllion as the Green Lantern, and Breckin Meyer as Superman.

This is the second geek-friendly special put on by the Robot Chicken team; they’ve already gone to a galaxy far, far away with their Star Wars special. That one earned them three Emmy nominations. Adult Swim has come a long way, and Robot Chicken has certainly come a lot further than I ever thought it would the first time I saw it. With DC’s Green Lantern recently on the big screen, DC’s heroes are hot again, and this special is sure to put them in their place.

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