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Ronald D. Moore's Thriller Helix Gets A Creepy New Teaser

A little more than a month after we learned that Ronald Moore's Helix was going straight to series at Syfy, comes a teaser for the exciting and scary looking project, which centers on a team of scientists who are investigating a potential disease outbreak in an Arctic research facility. They find themselves tasked with protecting the world from annihilation.

Does anyone else find ear bleeding to be a particularly horrifying sight? As desensitized as I probably am to some violent sights presented to us in film and television, the sight of someone bleeding out their ears still makes me shudder with terror and discomfort. So the teaser above, which doesn't do much more than remind us that Battlestar Galactica's Ronald Moore's making this with the producers of Lost and Contact, showing us the Arctic setting and then guiding us into the stark white lab, is particularly unsettling, as we're brought up to the back of a faceless lab technician, who takes off his hood and reveals a single drop of blood dripping form his ear.

Not good! Or very good, depending on how you look at it. The teaser offers an ominous tone. The lab may look clean, but there's something very dangerous there and the the people studying it may not be safe from whatever terrible, deadly effects this disease offers.

As of last month, production was expected to start on Helix soon. This teaser's an indication that things are rolling right along. If all goes as planned, Syfy should have this show on the air sometime later this year.