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SNL Closes Out Season 37 With Lazy Sunday 2, Stefon And A Tearful Sendoff For Kristen Wiig

After a season of a few strong episodes, some weak ones and others that fell somewhere in between, Saturday Night Live closed out its thirty-seventh season strong with Mick Jagger as host. The episode was full of great sketches, including a digital short that revisited "Lazy Sunday," the return of Stefon to Weekend Update, and a surprisingly moving farewell to Kristen Wiig.

I don't think I've ever teared up during an episode of SNL, however last night's closing "sketch" triggered the water-works for me. It appears the rumors may be true that Kristen Wiig is leaving SNL. At least, that's what the "She's a Rainbow" closing sketch strongly implied as Wiig was introduced as a graduate, after which every cast member took a turn dancing with her. Wiig, herself, began to tear up during the segment, which ended with the whole SNL cast, and some returning players from the sketch comedy series (and Jon Hamm) joining her on stage. It was a great sendoff and one fitting for Wiig, who's proven to be a huge asset to the series. With that said, given the length of her run on the show and her film success, she's about due to move on. I doubt last night was the last time we'll see her on the SNL stage, either.

Meanwhile, Jagger did a great job as host, contributing to the humor in numerous sketches and delivering three strong music performances, accompanied by Arcade Fire, The Foo Fighters and Jeff Beck.

You'll find those videos below along with Wiig's sendoff, the hilarious "Lazy Sunday 2" digital short, which has Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg rapping about brunch and the Sister Act Broadway production. You'll also find Stefon's appearance on "Weekend Update," and the cold open, which features the return of Dooneese, who actually manages to find love in the form of an Italian man who looks remarkably like Jon Hamm.

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