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Among the pilots given the greenlight by NBC is Save Me, a comedy series that stars Anne Heche as a woman who has a near-death experience, which leaves her believing she's a prophet. NBC's episode description gives us a better idea of how Heche's character Beth almost dies, and the clips from the pilot show us what she's like afterward.

It looks like we may have to wait for midseason for this one, as it doesn't appear on the 2012-2013 fall line-up for NBC. But it looks amusing and the description for it offer some interesting plot twists, including the fact that Beth's husband Tom (Michael Landes) has a mistress.

Here's the cast photo and further down is the series synopsis…

Welcome to the Midwestern suburbs, where exciting things never happen. Well, almost never. After a near-death experience (choking on a hero sandwich), Beth (Emmy nominee Anne Heche, "Hung") is revived only to realize she now has a direct line to God. Of course, her husband Tom (Michael Landes, "Final Destination 2") is skeptical and dismissive – and his mistress (Alexandra Breckenridge, "American Horror Story") is stunned to learn that her lover’s wife is now a prophet! But when inexplicable things begin to happen, everyone’s beliefs are tested.

Beth starts to say and do things that shock her family and entrance her friends, but she isn’t going to be your typical "fire and brimstone" prophet. Let’s just say if God had a desperate housewife as His mouthpiece, Beth would be it! She is the absolute last person on Earth who would be chosen. Then again, they say He works in mysterious ways. And this one is a real mystery! Heather Burns ("Bored to Death") and Madison Davenport ("Shameless") also star.

It sounds like this incident involving the hero sandwich has a drastic effect on Heche's character. I sort of wish we could see what she was like before she almost died, but these clips both seem to focus on the after effects:

I like Anne Heche, especially from her Men in Trees days, so it should be interesting to see what she does with this new series.

Does Save Me look any good?

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