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Scandal’s no stranger to throwing twists into the final moments of an episode and leaving our jaws hanging. We knew Operation Remington was something big, but did anyone expect this? Spoilers if you’re not caught up on Scandal through “More Cattle, Less Bull.” Major spoilers ahead!

Did Fitz kill Olivia’s mother?! I’m going to go ahead and say no, there’s some explanation for this. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, to quickly recap this shocker. Huck and Jake have been digging for information on Fitz’s involvement in the mysterious operation Remington, which led Huck to deduce that — instead of being on an Iran mission as he claimed to be — The president was in Iceland shooting down a 747 full of passengers, one of which just so happens to be Maya Lewis, who just so happens to be Olivia’s mother! Where’s Tim Curry to lay out all of the details of this step-by-step when you need him?

Never mind that. I trust Huck’s intel, but I know this show. Remember when it seemed like Huck tried to assassinate the president? They had him standing near the smoking gun and left us hanging for weeks as we wondered how and why he did it only to discover the gun fired itself (through remote control) and Huck was begin set up. Twist! I have no doubt that there’s some explanation for this because if Fitz is the kind of guy who can shoot down a jet full of civilians then we just don’t know him at all. Maybe he was manipulated. Maybe he was set up to be blackmailed. Either way, there’s an explanation. Still, the preview teases suspense as Olivia faces Fitzgerald and demands answers. At the very least, this incident will add a new layer of distrust between them, and just when it seemed like they were getting things back on track.

It’s interesting that all of this happens just as Olivia’s faced with the choice of whether to work on Fitz’s campaign or Josephine Marcus’? I think we all want her to choose Fitz, but I can’t help but think it’d be more interesting if she worked against Fitz on the campaign, at least for a little while. This conflict with Fitz — to say the least — could be the deciding factor in choosing Marcus over Fitz.

While we wait for next week’s Scandal to air, we have more Kerry Washington to look forward to this weekend as she’s set to host Saturday Night Live. Watch the promos for this Saturday night’s episode below.

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