Oh Scandal, you tricky, emotionally manipulative, completely addictive series. There are times when I watch this show and feel like I can barely keep track of every fast-spoken detail-filled conversation that's happening. And then it all comes together and makes sense somehow, with at least a few unpredictable twists thrown in to keep us on the edge of our seats. (SPOILERS if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”!)

Some spoilers are more shocking than others. For example, is it that much of a shock that Olivia’s mother is still alive? Some people saw that coming a mile away. And I mean really, that sort of thing happens from time to time in primetime dramas. Still, the series gets points for that revelation. And Quinn’s induction into B613 didn’t exactly come out of left field either, as she's been inching closer and closer to that path for a while. But could anyone have possibly predicted that Mellie was raped by her father-in-law and that her and Fitz’s oldest child may actually be the son Fitz Sr.? Um, no, I didn’t see that coming.

Flashbacks of Fitz’s pre-Governor campaign launch took us back to the days when Mellie was actually kind of adorable, all wide-eyed and motivated, with a smile that looked genuine. And I don’t think I realized just how much I disliked her First Lady hair until I saw her with that bob. These were back in the days when Cyrus had a beard. Also a wife, apparently. Fitz and his father weren’t getting along so well, and Fitz was also refusing to campaign as a war hero. Shooting down a passenger jet may have soured him to the idea of boasting about his military days. Understandable. Later in a flashback, Fitz Sr. had a few drinks and admitted to Mellie that Fitz shot down a jet on military orders. He was told there was a dirty bomb on board and he did what he was told to do. So it seems Fitz really did take that plane down. Mellie was still trying to process this information when Fitz Sr. started to get handsy and then climbed on top of Mellie. She struggled up until he was pretty much on top of her, and when it was over, she went up to bed and didn't say a word about it to her husband.

At this point, I’m feeling pretty disgusted by Fitz’s father and very bad for Mellie. We’re seeing this woman as she was before she began to bear the weight of her husband’s political career. And then we see her in the present, jumping through hopes with a reporter, trying to regain the adoration of the American people after dropping in the polls over Fitz’s affair. Granted, it was Mellie who went public with that little tidbit about her marriage. But it was still his affair. How is it fair that she’s bearing the brunt of the country’s disapproval. It’s not, but like Cyrus said, that’s America.

Going back to the past and Fitz Sr.’s assault on Mellie, she found a way to use that to Fitz’s advantage, responding to Fitz Sr.’s morning-after apology by offering him forgiveness (or willingness to keep quiet about it) if he, in exchange, offers Fitz whatever words of support, encouragement, apology or anything else he needs. Fitz Sr. went along with it, and well, the rest is history. Fitz went on to run for Governor and Mellie was pregnant. Possibly with her father-in-law’s child. Disturbed is about where I am at this point. And the picture that is Mellie only seems to get blurrier to me instead of clearer. I want to feel bad for her for the things she’s been through, but then we see her making choices that benefit her husband’s political career at the cost of... well, whatever this is costing her inside. Is it out of love? Or is it just ambition and the need to win?

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