Sean Bean Faces An Identity Crisis And A Gun On New Legends Posters

Sean Bean's Legends character Martin Odum is a lie. Or so say the posters TNT has revealed for their intriguing new drama series Legends, in which Bean plays an undercover agenda at the FBI Deep Cover Operations division. Both posters put Bean in profile as Martin Odum, who's clasping a gun and looking lost in thought. The image appears over what looks like a report where most of the words are blacked out. The few words that are visible say, "FBI operative. Psychological assessment needed. Multiple legends. Possible fugue state. Martin Odum is a lie."

The poster gets a bit clever in the way it arranges its information, working mentions of both Homeland and 24 at the top, a nod to executive producer Howard Gordon, no doubt. And in addition to the highlighted tune-in information on the bottom right, the August 13 premiere date is mentioned in the signature at the bottom and the stamp top-left. It's well worth repeating that date too, as it looks like TNT has moved Legends premiere date from its originally set August 20 spot. It's most definitely August 13. Got it?

The horizontal version of the poster includes a separate sheet that's labeled,"Report for Division of Covert Operations" and includes a classified form, in addition to the mostly-blacked out report.


You can see a high-res version of this one at the bottom of the article. Some of the blacked-out text is actually readable close up.

Executive produced by Howard Gordon, Alexander Cary and Jonathan Levin, with David Wilcox serving as showrunner, Legends stars Sean Bean as the mentioned undercover agent who finds himself plunged into a terrifying mystery relating to his own identity. The series is based on a book my spy novelist Robert Littell and will have DCO agent Martin Odum (Bean) questioning his own identity when a mysterious stranger suggests that he might not be who he thinks he is. As Martin's the kind of guy who has the ability to transform himself into a completely different person from one job to the next, identity struggles seem like a typical occupational hazard. But this one sounds like it's an even bigger deal than simply mixing up your accents.

In addition to Bean, Legends' cast includes Ali Larter, Morris Chestnut, Tina Majorino, Steve Harris, Amber Valletta and Mason Cook. You can see Sean Bean dealing with some identity confusion in the previously released trailer for Legends. TNT has the series set to premiere Wednesday, August 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out the full Summer 2014 premiere schedule here.

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