See What Full House Looks Like Without Michelle... Spoiler: It's Weird

It's almost impossible to picture Full House without Michelle. What would the 80s sitcom be without her baby humor and catch-phrases? You really want to see what the series might look like minus both Olsen twins? You got it, dude! Some clever YouTuber deleted Michelle from the opening credits and a small segment to show us what the series would be like without Michelle.

The obvious way to do this might be to find enough scenes without Michelle in them and patch together an episode with some kind of plot that works without Michelle inserting her sitcommy adorableness into any scene. But instead, user Full House Without Michelle left the opening credits and scene intact and simply pulled Michelle out of the equation, leaving an empty carseat and chair behind. The result is pretty funny and kind of creepy, especially as we see Stephanie interacting with an empty chair and the audience laughing at a joke that's never said.

With no Michelle, there's no dramatic eye-roll. There's no "Whoa baby!" or "Duh!" There's no laugh-at-the-cute-toddler humor. And there's one less Tanner daughter to make a mistake and require a moral-learning speech from dad at the end of the episode. Instead, we get creepy moments of silence and the eerie sense that something's missing.

One of the YouTube commenters suggested removing all of the characters and just leaving the laugh-track in, to which someone responded, Empty House. Now that would be creepy.

But watching the video, I'd also like to see some other character omissions from classic sitcoms, like Chrissy from the later years of Growing Pains, or Steve Urkel pulled from Family Matters. Just have the door burst open and no one slides in to disrupt the household. Or maybe pull Screech out of Saved By The Bell. The choices for making 80s and 90s sitcoms really creepy are endless.

Full House has put itself back in the public's minds and hearts recently, thanks in part to Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier reuniting for a Dannon Oikois ad campaign. Here's an outtake from that...

The Full House men also reunited on Late Night, and fittingly enough, their reunion took place in Michelle's old room.

Is it creepier to have Jimmy Fallon playing Michelle or to have no Michelle at all? I just thought I'd through that question out there into the internet cosmos...

Kelly West
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