Selfie Was Canceled By ABC

John Cho just can’t catch a break. This weekend, ABC announced the end to his latest TV endeavor, #Selfie, a brand new comedy that was loosely based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion (later reworked into My Fair Lady). Fans of the show can still catch a new episode this coming Tuesday, but ABC hasn’t announced whether or not the show will continue in the lineup until Selfie’s episode order runs out.

Selfie follows John Cho as Henry, an image expert who is hired by a social media personality named Dooley (Karen Gillan) to help her work on her brand. After getting off to a clunky start, Selfie actually got better as it went on, but that wasn’t enough to save it from lackluster ratings and a general disdain for new comedies this fall. ABC opted to ax the series, leaving Cho in the lurch, again.

The Harold and Kumar franchise star is extremely likeable. So, likeable, in fact, that he’s landed key roles in several TV shows, including Go On, Flash Forward and Kitchen Confidential, none of which made it past one season on the air. His likeability doesn’t apparently help his popularity. The only consolation I can see with Selfie getting canceled is that Fox might figure out a way to work his Sleepy Hollow character back into the plot.

Selfie doesn’t even earn the distinction of being the first comedy canceled this fall. It lands in the fourth slot, following ABC’s ax of Manhattan Love Story and NBC saying “sayonara” to both Bad Judge and A To Z. Still trucking along at a tepid pace are Fox’s Mulaney and CBS’ The McCarthys. Black-ish is literally the only network comedy that has been picked up for a full season order this fall.

Unlike Manhattan Love Story, which ABC straight up pulled from the schedule, Selfie just won’t go on past its initial 13-episode order. According to Deadline, depending on how Tuesday’s showing goes, the network will likely opt to keep airing the series until its episode order ends or cut it out of the schedule entirely. So, if you are still interested in seeing where Selfie is going, we suggest you continue tuning in. Although, there’s hardly any incentive now that we know the show is not moving forward, right?

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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