Six Minutes Of Frasier's Celebrity Callers, Cameos From Halle Berry To Hilary Duff

There's been a lot of talk lately about a potential spin-off to NBC's The Office tentatively titled The Farm, following the one and only Dwight Schrute. And while that sounds appealing, more often than not the spin-off doesn't live up or even come close to the original. Joey. However, one of the really great spin-offs of recent memory was Frasier, which managed to put out eleven seasons of a distinct and equally funny series.

After Cheers closed its doors, Dr. Frasier Crane moved to Seattle and started a radio show where he provided free psychiatric advice to just about anyone who felt like calling in. And, what many people don't know is, many of those callers were celebrity cameos and now you can see just who was ringing in with what problem thanks to this collection. It's actually a little surprising and pretty impressive wide variety of stars that NBC managed to get over the years. Take a look.

Video via Pajiba.

The six minute video contains countless callers and a lot of them are quite funny. Some of my favorites include a young Macaulay Culkin pulling a Home Alone like routine (oddly enough, a young Elijah Wood also calls, which makes a Good Son six degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of connection, even stranger because Bacon himself calls), Gary Sinese and his fear of talking on the phone, Jon Lithgow hawking his used cars and, of course, Carrie Fisher telling him, "help me Dr. Crane, you're my only hope." Actually almost every cameo in the six minute video offers a least a chuckle and it's definitely worth the watch. I miss this show, Grammer's a little more serious on Boss.