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Snooki Will Be Back For Jersey Shore Season 6, But Living In A Different House

If Jersey Shore were a scripted series instead of a "reality" show, I would have said outright that Snooki getting pregnant was the ultimate shark-jumping moment of the series. In fact, I doubt I would have predicted it as a plot-twist. I might have pinned the surprise-pregnancy arc on Ronnie and Sammi. Alas, Jersey Shore isn't a scripted drama and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is indeed pregnant. While that won't keep her from returning to the series for another summer at the Shore, it will keep her from living in the same house.

According to THR, Snooki is set to return for the next new season of Jersey Shore, but she'll be living in a different house. With the exception of the Miami season and the more recent Italy season, the Jersey Shore cast has stayed at the same Seaside beach house, so Snooki move to another "nearby" location is a fairly drastic change to the format of the show. With that said, it's a responsible decision and one that may or may not have been her own. I could see this being the producers' way of making sure their legal bases are covered or that the series doesn't get any major bad press for having a pregnant woman living in a house full of hard-partiers.

We'll get to see pregnant-Snooki on reality TV soon enough as Polizzi is set to star alongside fellow Jersey Shore star JWoww in MTV's upcoming spin-off reality series Snooki & JWoww. In fact, getting to see Polizzi going through the early stages of pregnancy may very well be the biggest draw for the series, which feels like it's coming in a year or two after the peak of the Jersey Shore fame and interest. S&J premieres on MTV on June 21.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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