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Someone Is Making Hodor Doorstops And They're Perfect

Spoilers ahead for the latest episodes of Game of Thrones.

HBO’s megahit Game of Thrones has an impressive way of sparking immense conversation and outrage due to their various plot events. In particularly, the killing of beloved characters causes social media to explode, with it becoming nearly impossible to avoid spoilers. The latest of these events occurred two episodes ago when everyone’s favorite simpleton Hodor finally got the backstory he deserved, and was promptly ripped apart by wights. As such, Hodor’s sacrifice has gone completely viral, being the fodder for a variety of door related memes.

While redditors and fans have been posting Hodor’s face to elevator buttons and plastic school doorstops, a few diehard Game of Thrones fans have decided to make Hodor’s sacrifice into a successful business venture. These friends have started a kickstarter to fund and ship 6 inch tall Hodor doorstops. 


The kickstarter has already far surpassed their original goal of $5,000 to get the production started, with the Game of Thrones community stepping up with 646 backers and $34,220 at the time of writing this story. While the demand for these awesome Hodor doorstops is certainly there, now the group behind the product has only one obstacle between them and the money they sorely deserve.

The team behind the door stops is currently waiting on licensing rights from HBO in order to start actual production of the awesome Hodor stops. Since the now infamous Hodor moment hasn’t happened in George R.R. Martin’s novels yet, HBO has full ownership of the plot twist that no one saw coming. Additionally, the stop is using the likeness of actor Kristian Nairn, so the group of friends who started the kickstarter are understandably covering their asses legally. HBO surely has enough lawyers and money to destroy a group of people who are trying to cash in on their property. 

It might be entirely possible that HBO choses to buy the Hodor doorstop from the group of friends who have created it. The HBO store has a ton of really great merchandise for their titles, especially Game of Thrones. Through their online store, or their physical store in NYC, you can get everything you could wish in regards to Game. They have casual items like t-shirts and clothing, Westeros cookbooks, and even coasters with the major family seals. Additionally, they have more cosplay-inspired items such as dragon eggs, props, swords, armor, and maps. With such an expansive catalogue of merch for Game fans, they might want to have the Hodor door stopper be official, buying out those who invented it.

In the case that the licensing rights are declined by HBO, the kickstarter will refund all of the money back to its patrons.

Would you like a Hodor doorstop? Sound off in the comments below. Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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