Splash Contestant Nicole Eggert Hospitalized After Diving Injury

Another Splash contestant has suffered an injury in the pool on the ABC diving competition series . Baywatch star Nicole Eggert was reportedly rushed to the hospital after suffering a brutal back-flop during a taping of the show this week.

TMZ reported the latest injury to befall a contestant on Splash, stating that Eggert had to be hospitalized after something went wrong during a dive that involved multiple backflips. She went crashing into the water back first and landed hard. The site reports that Eggert was rushed out of the pool and off to the hospital. No bones were broken but the doctors were reportedly concerned about internal injuries and were paying close attention to her kidneys, but she was released a few hours later. Hopefully she'll have a full and speedy recovery.

There's no word yet on whether or not this injury will result in her withdrawal from the competition. If it does, Eggert won't be the first start to exit the show after an injury. Chelsey Lately's Chuy Bravo left after fracturing his heel during practice, and Katherine Webb (aka Miss Alabama) left following a back injury. Rory Bushfield ruptured and eardrum, but he didn't quit the show. Meanwhile, Kendra Wilkinson did quit the show, but not due to an injury. Her departure was related to her fear of heights.

Considering the number of injuries sustained during this show, it makes me wonder if maybe diving is a bit too ambitious an athletic endeavor for non-athletes. At least, the level of diving that's being performed may be a bit too much for amateurs to master safely in the time they're given to do it.

Splash airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC. The series finale is set for May 7.

Kelly West
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