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If you aren’t familiar with Stan Lee as the creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the X-Men and many of Marvel’s most famous superheroes, chances are you at least recognize him as the guy who cameos in almost every Marvel movie. However, these days his work isn’t just merely with the House of Ideas. He has his hands in a variety of other projects related to the superhero genre, and his latest endeavor is something for the good people of the United Kingdom. It’s been announced that Lee is creating a 10-part drama for Sky1 called Lucky Man, starring The Hobbit trilogy actor James Nesbitt.

Nesbitt will play Harry Clayton, a London murder detective who is given an ancient bracelet that allows him to make his own luck. This will come in handy for Harry, as he’s fallen on troubled times--his wife and daughter have left him and a crime boss is threatening to kill him if he doesn’t pay a debt soon. According to The Guardian, the series will also star Eve Best, Sienna Guillory and Amara Karan, as well as feature Omid Djalili, Darren Boyd, Jing Lusi and Kenneth Tsang. The series is being developed Carnival films, the same production company that worked on Downton Abbey.

Compared to the super powers typically seen on TV shows, like super strength, flight and telekinesis, luck control is one of the more unique superpowers to be shown off on the small screen. Clayton’s abilities are similar to X-Men member Longshot, who can access “probability fields, i.e. increase his own luck at the cost of making other people unlucky. Perhaps as the series goes along there will be other mystical devices introduced that will give users different unique powers. However, being able to make yourself lucky sounds like a power that all of us would want. Like executive producer Michael Fell said: “It’s something we can all relate to.”

While the amount of comic book properties being developed for television is high right now, it’s nice to see comic book tropes being adapted for original projects like Lucky Man. The show is described by Fell as a “different kind of superhero show,” while Sky1 director called it a “visually striking crime thriller.” So rather than watching people put on costumes and fight crime, Lucky Man will follow in the footsteps of Heroes and other past series by featuring individuals dealing with suddenly gaining special powers on a more grounded level.

Lucky Man will air in Great Britain next year. There is no word yet on if there are plans to air the series in the United States.

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