Stephen Amell May Be Bringing A Signature Green Arrow Costume To Life

As the show gets older and older, Arrow gets closer and closer to a more comic book accurate Green Arrow costume. The show made great strides in Season 4 by ditching the old full body leather look from Season 1 and adopting a new sleeveless costume. There was still something missing though, something comic book fans have been begging for since Arrow began in 2012. Where the heck is his Robin Hood-esque goatee? Arrow actor Stephen Amell has shared a new pic of himself on Facebook, sporting some legendary facial hair.

Finally! It only took four years for a character to grow a beard. In a previous Facebook post, Stephen Amell said that he would never grow the Green Arrow goatee; now it seems like he’s eating his words and having a bit of fun with it. Personally, I want the beard to go full Robin Hood and be really pointy and sharp at the end. This is a bit of a pipe dream, but I also really want him to wear the Green Arrow hat. The character has pretty much ditched it in favor of a simple hood, but I just want one episode where this really tough guy has to wear a stupid little hat.

Stephen Amell’s new beard probably won’t show up before the season finale, and will instead be a part of a new look for Season 5. Seeing as how beards are usually a TV sign that male characters have fallen on hard times, like Jack from Lost or Rick in The Walking Dead, everything probably doesn’t end up all sunshine and rainbows for Star City’s resident archer in the finale. The title of the finale is called “Schism,” which implies that Team Arrow may be breaking up and Oliver won’t take it so well. Of course, the beard could also be flashback related, but I’m betting that it’ll be in the present day as well.

green goatee

Let’s hope the beard sticks around for a little while at least. We’re one step closer to a comic book faithful Green Arrow, and the only thing that will be missing is more trick arrows. Well, that and the Arrow Mobile, but I won’t hold my breath. The show has used trick arrows before, but they are always either weak explosions, or they spit out nets. I just want a little more emphasis on variety.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on the CW.

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