Stephen King 'Tweets' From A Typewriter As Under The Dome Season 2 Starts Production

What better way to kick off the start of production for the second season of Under the Dome than with a video of Stephen King calmly "Tweeting" from an old typewriter on the set. Because that's how Stephen King would Tweet, right? The teaser from the set also features Under the Dome stars Mike Vogel and Colin Ford throwing Dean Norris's character under the bus as they plead for him to be the one to not be safe this season. Alas, King says the script has been written!

Under the Dome follows the residents of a small New England town that's struggling to survive amidst mysterious circumstances, among which is the impenetrable dome that's surrounded their town, cutting them off from the outside world. We've known since last summer that author Stephen King, who penned the book on which this series is based, would be writing the second season premiere episode. And given how far the CBS series has strayed from the source material, there's really no telling which characters are at risk this season, so -- as amusing as their efforts were in the above video -- it's not entirely unreasonable for Vogel and Ford to feel some concern for Barbie and Joe. In King's own words, "No one's safe." We might need to prepare ourselves for him to prove those words in the premiere, which will air on CBS on Monday, June 30.

Via an article shared on Stephen King's Facebook page, production for Season 2 of Under the Dome has resumed in Wilmington, North Carolina and the surrounding area. Meanwhile, Mike Vogel shared this photo from the set on his Twitter, which includes King:

And Stephen King Tweeted the following yesterday:

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We might assume he did this from his typewriter, which is most likely acquired from some dark parallel universe where typewriters have access to wifi. Because he's Stephen King and if anyone would have access to such a device, he would. But if you look closely at Vogel's picture that red thing in King's hand might actually be an iPad, which creates a more practical theory about King's Tweeting habits. I prefer the former theory, personally.

We're stoked for the return of Under the Dome as well! In addition to returners like Vogel, Ford, Dean Norris and others, we know that the second season will also included ER's Sherry Stringfield, who's rumored to play a very interesting role related to a couple of key characters. Also joining the show is Victoria Grace Cox, whose arc is connected to Ford's character Joe.

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