The Strain Season 2 Finale Watch: A Gigantic Twist Will Change The Series Forever

Last week on The Strain, a lot of various events went down. If you're interested in what happened, you can read last week's recap, because there's A LOT to talk about this week. One gigantic twist changed the course of the series compared to that of the books, and it was the most heartbreaking event in the history of The Strain. A moment of silence, for our fallen compatriot.

”It's done.”

Dr. Nora Martinez: dear friend, brave scientist, and love of Ephraim Goodweather's life, has died. Following a face off with Kelly Goodweather, after a massive train derailment courtesy of a legion of strigoi, Nora found herself infected with the vampiric worms that started it all. What initially looked like it was just a very tight grip on Nora's hand was actually something much more fatal. By time Eph got to her, it was too late, and after saying somewhat of a sentimental goodbye, Nora disposed of herself by electrocuting herself by using the electrical rail in the tunnel. Of course, Nora wasn't the only person Eph lost that night. Zach, the reason Nora was even in the tunnel to begin with, also ran off with Kelly.

During last week's episode, it was mentioned that Kelly's parents were alive and well in Georgia. The plan was for Zach, Eph, and Nora to get onto a train out of the city. Of course, plans are for fools when dealing with the vampire apocalypse, and with Kelly's direct line to The Master, everything was thrown out of balance. Ultimately, it was Zach's pleas that threw Nora off of her game with Kelly, and stopped her from outright killing Nora. The price was his co-operation with Kelly's grand plan to steal Zach away from Eph, and take him to The Master. Though, that's not the end of The Master's winning streak tonight, as another was taken in his name.

”In order to defeat The Master, we must be as cold, ruthless, and savage as he is. And yet, without becoming monsters ourselves.”

Coco Marchand was Eldritch Palmer's price for disobeying The Master. While the two looked to be the latest and greatest power couple in New York, it clearly wasn't to be, since she was sucked drier than a juice box. It was Palmer's action, at Marchand's urging, that lost The Master his bid on the Occido Lumen. So instead of the book's original option of ripping him in half, we got to see Coco lose her life and Eldritch claim her heart in every literal sense. Like his rival Abraham Setrakian, it looks like he'll be keeping her heart in a jar for the years to come.

Of course, Setrakian isn't having a much better finale himself, as he was hunted down by Gus and The Ancients to recover the newly won Occido Lumen. With the Ancient's backing, the pawnbroker / vampire hunter now has the one text that details everything you wanted to know about vampires, but could probably get killed trying to learn about. This, of course, was after Thomas Eichorst made a desperate attempt at recovering the book by mobilizing a mob of eager Strigoi to attack him on his way home. As if losing some of their teammates wasn't enough, the Wilson's Bread truck they tooled around in was demolished with a homemade explosive trap.



So where does “Night Train” leave the various factions of The Strain? For Setrakian, Fet, and Gus, a new team of vampiric ass kickers has been formed, with Mr. Quinlan at the head and Angel along for the ride. For young Zach, it leaves him with his loving mother and a whole new world he'll be exposed to. Poor Eph, and even the normally wretched Palmer, are also left without the women they loved--and nothing else left to lose. Most importantly, the city of New York, as well as the rest of the entire world, is hanging by a thread – and a sinister plan is looming over everyone, waiting for a moment of weakness.

Season 2 of The Strain has indeed topped Season 1's stellar origins. While there were some lulls, and plenty of Zach moments to make you want to tear your hair out, the show continues to be living proof of how a book-to-series adaptation is done right. With Season 3 greenlit by FX, and the unexpected death of Nora Martinez changing everything book fans knew about the series' future, the dark territory ahead will assuredly be full of twists and turns that will keep everyone guessing. Thanks for spending your time with us this season, and we'll be looking forward to seeing you back hear next summer when The Strain returns to infect our Sundays with thrills and chills in 2016.

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