Suits Renewed For Season 3 With A 16-Episode Order

In what is most definitely good - though not entirely surprising - news, USA has decided to renew their legal drama Suits. The series, which stars Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, just wrapped up its second season at the cable network, and it looks like USA is ready to official move forward on Season 3.

Suits stars Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, a fast-talking, brilliant attorney who has taken Patrick J. Adams' Mike Ross under his wing as a legal associate. What Mike lacks in a law degree or bar certification, he makes up for with a photographic memory and the willingness to fudge the truth as far as his credentials go. The series focuses on Mike and Harvey's legal cases and working relationship, along with the business at the New York firm where they work. Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty and Meghan Markle round out the talented cast of what is easily one of USA's best currently-airing series. The second season had the firm turned upside down by the return of Daniel Hardman, the practice's co-founder who has made his way back into the business, though Harvey and Jessica don't trust him.

USA announced today that they've given a 16-episode order for Season 3, which is most definitely good news. There are still six episodes left of Season 2 that have yet to air. The series' second season began airing this summer and is expected to resume with the remaining episodes in January. The renewal ensures that, no matter how things leave off, we'll be seeing the series return for a third season.

Kelly West
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